About Us

Who We Are...

Yeğenler Chemistry; It was established in 1995 to provide the products and services they need in the field of production to companies operating in the Textile, Paint, Printing, Base, Cable, Rubber, Plastic and detergent industries. Our company, which accepts quality and trust as its most basic principle with its experienced staff, considers the satisfaction of our customers to be the foremost.

Our company is the distributor of many world-renowned companies in Turkey, and provides the chemicals needed by our customers quickly with the wide distribution vehicles it has established with a service understanding based on quality and trust. Our aim is to carry the experience and service quality to the highest levels and to provide the best service to our customers. Our company, which is based on following the innovations in the sector and following the constant change, aims to provide the best service to its customers.

Aiming to be a pioneer in its sector, Yeğenler Chemistry aims to be at the highest levels by using its experience and quality service according to developing technology, changing customer demands and expectations.

Our Quality Policy

Yeğenler Chemistry; Our goal is to maintain the trust of our consumers in our products and to be a pioneer and leader in the sector by meeting customer needs and expectations at the highest level. In addition to its success in areas such as production, export, quality and product development, it has adopted a production strategy that is sensitive to human and ecological values with the awareness of its responsibility towards the society in which it lives.

To our goal; We believe that we will reach it by valuing people and the environment, choosing the resources correctly and using them in a planned manner, increasing our expertise and efficiency.

Based on customer satisfaction, Yeğenler Kimya takes into account the requests and suggestions of its customers and shapes its production accordingly.

Our Mission, Our Vision

Our Mission: To offer our customers the products and services they need for a better quality of life, on the basis of customer satisfaction, with the awareness of social and environmental responsibility.
Our Vision: The services we have been providing for 20 years without sacrificing quality; to present the pioneering works we have started in our own field with its constantly renewed technology, always in better quality and on time, to transfer our knowledge to future generations by blending it with our knowledge and experience. “

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